Plant engineering

The works related to the Power Lines sector start in 1928 with the construction of the 60 kV High Voltage Bagnolo Mella-Cremona power line, on behalf of Società Elettrica Bresciana.

During the unhappy period of the last World War, RODA with personnel not involved in the conflict, contributed by operating under well understandable conditions in restoring the electric lines in the Brescia – Cremona and Mantua provinces, which, from time to time, were involved by the wartime events.

Soon after the war, RODA contributes significantly to the electrification works in the provinces of Brescia , Bergamo and Mantua; subsequently it increased its activity in the distribution and transport sector of electrical power, especially with the development of the 380 kV lines national network.

In 1959, the first 380 kV Italian power line, Mese (SO) – Bovisio (MI), followed by Sandrà (VR) – Parma, la Sandrà – Porto Marghera (VE) until the present days works.

The Company developed and strengthened, through important investments, the productions related to the “ Transport of 380/220/132 kV power” and the “Distribution of energy up to 150 kV”; it has operated and is still operating with the largest Italian power companies TERNA SPA – ENEL SPA and such best known Italian private Customers as Edison SPA, Ansaldo SPA, Sorgenia, Prysmian and Nexans

The innovation of the optical fibres finds RODA well prepared, so that in 2000 it carries out the installation of the wide band service network, Socrate, in the cities of Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Bolzano, Trento, Como, and the installation of thousands of kilometres, throughout the national territory of optical fibre both aerial and underground.

In the last years, for the construction of the High-Voltage Power Lines with underground cables and thanks to its organisation and use of the most modern instrumentations and technologies, it is by now considered among the most qualified in the sector.

A special contribution to the constant achievement of RODA S.p.A., in all the fields where it is involved, is given by the remarkable professionalism and experience, acquired both in Italy and abroad, by its technicians and skilled workers.